About PressYourWords

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About PressYourWords

PressYourWords is a community of writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs working together to expand our success online. We created the PressYourWords blog as a place for writers to meet, collaborate, and thrive

This website is owned and operated by Alex Tucker, a digital marketer and blogger from the frozen reaches of Canada. Alex got his start working online as a low paid freelance writer. After successfully pivoting into a more profitable business in marketing, he made it his goal to help other writers and entrepreneurs find their way in the confusing world of online business.

The PressYourWords blog has five main categories: Business, Writing, Marketing, Design, and WordPress. These will be expanded into more detailed sub-categories over time, but it’s unlikely that new root categories will be added.

If you’d like to write for us, follow that link and fill out of the form on the signup page. 

Here’s how writing for PressYourWords works: the first four articles you submit will be published on our generic “staff” account by an existing member. We won’t change your content (unless it’s inappropriate, in which case we’ll tell you to change it), we’ll just make it live on the site for you. But when you publish your fifth (5th) article on PressYourWords, you’ll be given your own account and all of your existing content will be attributed to you.

Once you’re an official contributing member of PressYourWords, you’ll be expected to chip in by publishing the occasional post on behalf of new writers, or doing other website related tasks. But there’s a benefit to this; you’ll also get free access to all of our internal training materials, which include hundreds of dollars worth of training on the topics of WordPress, content writing, SEO, and more.

So there are a lot of benefits to being part of this crew, and anyone who wants it badly enough can join. Feel free to contact us if you need special consideration for any reason.

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