Although we covered how to remove a WordPress website manually in a previous post, sometimes it is more convenient to use the one-click apps at our disposal in the Cpanel hosting environment. Softaculous makes installing and uninstalling WordPress even faster and easier than it is to do manually. As you’ll see in the short video below, uninstalling WordPress with Softaculous takes only a few clicks and as many minutes.

How to Delete a WordPress Site with Softaculous

The first step is to access Softaculous by clicking on it in your control panel. The screen below will display, with your WordPress installations and outdated installations clearly visible.

Uninstall WordPress Softaculous

Click on the button that will take you to the installation you wish to remove (whether it is up to date or not) and you will see a screen that lists all of your WordPress installations of that type. Find the one you wish to remove and click on the red X to the right of the screen as shown below.

how to uninstall wordpress with softaculous

You will be taken to a new screen, shown below, which has several ticked checkboxes. If you wish to fully remove the website, leave them all checked, or uncheck those that apply to your situation. When you’ve confirmed that everything is correct, click Remove Installation.

Uninstalling WordPress may take a minute or two depending on the size of the site, so be patient. When the process is complete you should be shown the following page.

how to delete wordpress cpanel

Why Use Softaculous to Uninstall WordPress

I am often a supporter of doing things manually as much as possible, however in this case Sotaculous does a good job of removing the database and deleting most of the files in the website’s root folder. There may be some files left over, so be sure to check via FTP or File Manager if you want to ensure everything is gone. Depending on the host, you may need to contact support in order to get the domain folder removed from your account.


While it’s best to know how to install and uninstall WordPress manually, Softaculous is a reliable application which makes the process quicker and easier in most cases. I recommend learning to do these things manually, but using Softaculous when it is available in your WordPress work.

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