Google Domains is becoming ever more popular due to the simplicity of their interface and lack of upsells, but sometimes it can be a hassle transferring your domain from one registrar to another.This tutorial looks specifically at how to transfer a domain from Godaddy to Google Domains. 

If you’re transferring the domain of a live site, make sure you backup your WordPress site first and perform the transfer during off-peak hours. There will inevitably be some downtime, so if the site is often busy all day long it may be a good idea to inform the users of expected downtime.

Ideally you’d be transferring the domain before building the website as I did in the following video, but that can’t always be guaranteed. In either case, however, the steps remain the same.

Begin by navigating to your GoDaddy domain manager. You should see a list of your domains; I only had one domain with GoDaddy, so is the only one listed. Click on the domain you wish to transfer, and then scroll down to the bottom of the next page. You’ll see a link entitled “Transfer Domain Away from GoDaddy”. Click on it to navigate to the next page.

godaddy domain manager

Here you’ll see a list of necessary steps to go through before transferring the domain. Fill out your reason for leaving and the registrar you’re transferring to, and click through to get your authorization code. Remember to check your email and get the code; you’ll need it in order to complete the transfer later on.

transfer domain away from godaddy

Once you have the code, return to your domain manager and access the domain in question again. Scroll down and click on “edit” next to Domain Lock, and then turn the button to the off position to unlock your domain.

turn off domain lock

Next click on the “Remove Privacy” link. Only do this if you’re sure you’re ready to transfer; GoDaddy will make you re-purchase domain privacy if you decide you want it back. If you’re sure you’re ready, click through the warning.

remove domain privacy

I ran into an issue here in which the domain privacy simply wouldn’t come off. After consulting chat support I was able to successfully remove the privacy by logging in using an incognito window. If you have trouble getting the domain privacy to come off, try an incognito window before going to chat support!

Now that you’ve unlocked the domain and removed domain privacy, it’s time to initiate the transfer at Google Domains. Navigate to and click on Transfer in the left sidebar. A search bar will appear, and there you enter the domain you wish to transfer in. 

find your domain

Clicking on the search icon will take you to a page with some instructions, which you will have already completed. Select the options appropriate for your purposes here, and then proceed through to payment. Remember, Google charges for transferring a domain in but adds a year to the current lifespan of the domain.

domain options

Once you have paid you can return to your Google Domains and check on the transfer status. In order to facilitate the process, you can go back to GoDaddy and navigate to the Pending Transfers page. Select the transfer you wish to complete and then click “Approve” and within the next fifteen minutes your domain should officially be registered with Google!

approve transfer
transfer domain

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